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Monday, March 17, 2008

Twist The Throttle

You could probably subtitle Discovery Channel's new series "Twist the Throttle," "Home Town Boys Make Good." That's because the new series about the great sport bikes and bike companies of the world was made by Dylan and MotorMilt of the Twisting Asphalt blog. Apart from the glamorous world of moto-blogging Dylan and Milt lead a more humdrum existence making documentary TV shows for Discovery Channel. In the case of Twist the Throttle, two certified bike nuts just like you and me got to combine their work with visiting some of the great motorcycle factories and test tracks in the world and best of all, actually riding the bikes. I told Dylan I think he landed the best gig this side of being a MotoGP star. You can view all the shows on the Turbo Discovery Channel website or check the programming schedule to see when it comes on the TV. All good stuff and a rare chance to see inside the sanctum sanctorum of the motorcycle factories and test tracks.

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Ronman said...

Thanks for the info....... I can't wait to check it out.....

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