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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Here it is the 9th of January of the new year and I have not posted a thing this year. I didn't even post Christmas Greetings, Happy New Year, poignant reflections on the past, sage predictions for the New Year, or any of the usual crap people post in their blog at this time of the year. I've made no New Years Resolutions as the futility of that exercise was learned by me, and probably you too, long ago.

I'll lament that I didn't ride more in 2007 and hope that I can do better in '08. The reasons for not riding more last year are many and I'll spare you the whinny details. I do think the blog is better when I ride more, I probably grouch and complain less here, at work, and at home, when I ride more so riding more this year would be a good thing. That is not a resolution to ride more, only an acknowledgment that I am happier with more miles behind me and more pictures taken. It's also stoopid to spend so much money on motorcycles and then not ride them. If I was going to spend a lot of money on something I didn't use I'd spend it on a boat and then at least I'd know why I didn't use it: I don't enjoy skiing, swimming, or fishing.

The Caponord has sat mostly idle for the last year except for occasional rides to work. As much as I like the bike, I ride it a tiny fraction of what I rode the first one I had. I should probably sell it or trade if for something useful like a Hayabusa or a Suzuki Burgman 650 scooter. Sorry, I guess I'm rambling but I'm still recovering from the three weeks I took off for Christmas....oh never mind, I'm going riding.


Crusty said...

ohhh...the things we do to make them happy! Because as us old guys have learned, if they are not happy, WE are not happy. But then again...we WERE happy once. Vroom ;-)

Steve Williams said...

crusty sounds like he is talking about codependance...*grin*

Surely it wasn't as bad as you describe things. Once you walked outside the RV the world had to open up a bit right?

Doug, I think maybe you need something drastic to shake up your riding life. Not sure what it would be but all RVing and no riding makes Doug a dull boy...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Doug Klassen said...


I told the whole RV story recently to friends -- grown men -- who visibly blanched and turned away to hide their tears and horror at the sorry tale of my RV experiences.

Yes, I must do something different now and that is where the Gold Wing comes in and the Aprilia too, they being my last links to the sane world of weekly motorcycling I once knew so well before I became an RVer. Never the less, should you ever see me wandering around wearing a flowered shirt, plaid shorts, shoes with no socks, and a copy of "Trailer World" under my arm, please shoot me.

Crusty, You are quite correct, if mamma ain't happy, then nobody is happy. I shall adapt because with Debbie I am a better man with her than without her. And as for the trailer, that which does not kill me makes me stronger. Or poorer, or something.


Anonymous said...

Doug, It could be worse. Your mate could have a barn full of horses that need daily care and feeding. At least you can park the trailer and ignore it sometimes. Don't ask how I know these things! - Rob

Unknown said...

Good Luck My friend!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are taking the Aprilia with you in the back of the truck. Or you could ride it to your destination while your better half drives the RV... either way, you have a bike with you for getting your fix...I enjoy your blog by the way, haven't been here in quite a long time...cheers

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