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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"The Cycle World Show" Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ October 26-28, 2007

As noted in the logo above, the Cycle World Show (insert long official name if you wish) is coming to Phoenix again this year and that time is just about three weeks away. I went last year and had a blast test riding the new Gold Wing, the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000, and the Aprilia Tuono. Let's just say that the each of the demo rides was run in the finest tradition of each company. The Honda ride was spit and polish and well under control, the Kawasaki guys were a little more relaxed, and the Aprilia guy told us in some indeterminate but not Italian accent "No wheelies, no stoppies, no burnouts. If you get arrested just leave the bike by the side of the road and we'll pick it up." And off we went. The wife delighted in the Gold Wing ride, hated the big Kaw v-twin, and opted not to ride along on the Tuono when she saw the gleam in my eye.

Some local riders thought the show sucked last year. They were wrong. The show was great if you love motorcycles and motorcycle people. This is Phoenix, not Europe and the Intermot Show or Tokyo and the big extravaganza there. You local guys quit your whining and show up so the show will grow and get better each year, otherwise it will get worse each year until it doesn't come back and then all we're left with is the annual "R.U.B. Billet Barge, Pose and Polish Show" up in "Snottsdale."

Hey, last year I got to ride bikes for free, got two or three free t-shirts, yakked with assorted motorcycle people, and saw the then recently triumphant BUB streamliner fresh from setting the motorcycle land speed record at Bonneville (354.832 mph). Dennis Manning, the BUB owner, sat there with his magnificent moto-creation and answered all the dumb questions one could ask.
I have to tell you, that was worth the price of admission just to see the bike, never mind get to talk to the guy who dreamed it up. I understand the bike will be there again this year. I'd go to the show just to once again see the fastest motorcycle in the world.

Tickets to the show can be bought on-line thereby saving you $3.00. The show website is here.

I'm taking Friday off work to beat the crowds and spend less time waiting to ride interesting motorcycles I have no intention of buying. Should be a grand time!


Crusty said...

I agree Doug, people should just get out there and appreciate the show and stop pissing and moaning. I have had a real problem this year with the bad attitudes I come across. Back in the day we had fun riding...now-a-days, it seems the fun has gone out of motorcycling for so many people (street&dirt). We need to remind folks why we started riding in the first place. Sorry....in my old age i tend to rant! *wink* Hey great posts. Ride on! -Crusty

durandal said...

Argh, if I had a bike I'd go.

I'm not living in the US, in Albuquerque, so I guess that makes us neighbors. Come January '08 I hope to be back on two wheels again. For now, it's getting the hang of grad school on the US and saving the peanuts I earn.

By the way, I happened to notice that you have me linked in your side bar. Thanks! Just something I should point out, it's "El Cantar de la Lluvia", not the other capitalization. :-)

And The Flight of the Platypus, the English translation of my site, has been updated: it no longer is lagging so far behind El Cantar de la Lluvia, I'm up to January's posts and the long, fantastic ride to the Carretera Austral is looming. I wonder if you might add it to your side bar? Two blogs by the same person, but in different languages ;-)



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