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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Department of Silly Things I Want

Thank goodness they didn't do another Harley engine
You'll probably read about this on lots of other motorcycle blogs and news sites but I couldn't resist putting in here. The SolidAlliance company has introduced a new item that is truly silly: A USB hub styled to look like a motorcycle engine complete with sounds. I like it!

If you're not a bike nut this would seem utterly stoopid but if you are a bike nut, it's just silly enough to want for your desk until the noise making function gets annoying. Where SolidAlliance really hits a home run for me is that they styled the engine after a Triumph twin and not another Harley V-twin. Even the USB nameplate on one side looks reminiscent of a Triumph engine nameplate. Thank you, SolidAlliance, and please don't tell us you used Lucas electrics for the USB cord and flimsy cork gaskets on the cases.

More info and a video here on Akihabara News.


Anonymous said...

I must have one. lol
BTW: do they come in kawasaki motors?

Anonymous said...

Ah... Come on... No option to make it sound like my Harley? :-)

Doug Klassen said...

Ronn, Mortalez, get in touch with history and go for the Triumph engine! That's an old Triumph engine they did, not one of the new Hinkley Triumphs.

What would have been cooler is if they'd done a MotoGP engine with an appropriate 110db sound track.

>insane laughter<


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