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Monday, January 08, 2007

Phoenix Antique & Classic Bike Show

Bultaco TSS

There was a "British & European only" antique and classic bike show in Phoenix this past Sunday. "Antique and classic" usually means bikes can be from 1883 to 1978 so it's possible to see everything from a turn of the century Indian to nice mid-seventies Kawasaki triple. The turn out for this past Sunday's event was rather small and especially light on German and Italian machines but there were still some really nice bikes present. The ones that got me most excited were a brace of mid-sixties Bultaco road racers. I've never seen that many TSS model Bultacos at one time. Apparently one fellow (
Donald R. McCullough, with whom I didn't get a chance to talk ), owns them all. I'm not envious of him as we know that envy is a sin...I just wish I had those bikes and he had better ones.

Bultaco with pudding bowl helmet

Now I find myself thinking of buying an old Pursang and turning it into a pretend cafe racer. Think 250lbs (the bike, not me), a total loss lighting system to make it street legal, and a 40 hp single cylinder 2-stroke engine. How could that not be fun? Not the first time I've had that thought and probably won't be the last. Old Pursangs are not that expensive. Of course making one look like a Bultaco TSS would add some dollars to the project but then if I can't look like Steve McQueen on a Triumph maybe I could look like Ramón Torras on a Bultaco grand prix road racer?

Ramon Torras - Bultaco 125cc

Anyway, I snapped some pictures Sunday and you'll find a few more of them here.

The next vintage bike show in the Phoenix area will be in April. Based on last years event it should be quite good. I'll post the exact date later. If you're in the central Arizona area and love old bikes and interesting people it's definitely worth the time to attend.


Anonymous said...

I guess I never realized Kawasaki was a "British and European" company :-). However it is good to see people doing events like this.

Doug Klassen said...

Ha! Good one, motorcycle guy! In fact I saw a couple of nice Yamahas there and a Harley or two.


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