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Friday, January 19, 2007

Love Child

OK, so you're a hot female BMW K1200LT, Euro-cool and stylish. One weekend you get a little a little drunk at a party and meet up with a manly Harley-Davidson RoadGlide.

High octane fuel overcomes common sense and Bavarian propriety and you spend a passionate weekend together. Later you discover you are pregger's with the love child of your drunken weekend fling with the roguish American.

The result:

The Victory Vision

The bizarre love child of a K1200LT and a RoadGlide? Perhaps.

Congratulations to Victory for taking a chance. Yamaha will feel much better now about their GTS1000 experiment.

More pictures here at
Motorcycle Daily if you dare.


Lucky said...

I know taste is subjective, but is Victory ever going to design an attractive bike?

I want to support them, I really do!

Anonymous said...

Those are scary looking.

Is this an episode of "What if..."? -Chris Bangle dropped acid-

Lucky said...

Personal opinion: don't like it. Objective opinion: it'll probably sell really well! It has that neo-retro look that's worked wonders for the car industry (ex. Austin Mini, VW New Beetle, Chrysler PT Cruiser, etc). The lines are almost art-deco influenced, like Yamaha's new Roadliner, but with a much more modern take on it.

Time will tell...

Combatscoot said...

Well, none of what they have out now sells well, why not?

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