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Friday, November 10, 2006

When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

Dinosaurs are always cool.
Google Video is a source of all kinds of video things, most of them crap. But amongst that ocean of embarrassing refuse of 21st century media is some surprisingly great motorcycle footage that doesn't involve sport bike crashes or riders with no protective gear and even less brains.

A real gem is a 1960s British Invitational Motocross Race at Canada Heights in Kent featuring Dave Bickers, Jeff Smith, Vic Eastwood, Arthur Lampkin, Derek Rickman and more. It's a wonderful race from the past when men were men and everyone raced in black and white. Watch the riders, listen to the names of bikes, watch the race, and you will get a look at not only great riders but a time when 2-stroke bikes were just beginning to threaten the dominant British 4-stroke machines.

We've come full circle some 40 years later with 4-stroke machines beginning to displace the 2-strokers but that now has more to do with environmental issues than performance issues. Frankly, I think racing now is better for it simply because the thundering sound of a 4-stroke engine makes for better race spectating than the incessant buzz of a 2-stroke powered bike.

Click here, watch for 12 minutes and enjoy.

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