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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Resistance Is Futile: An Update

It's all for the good of the people
Sometime back I offered up some info and comments on "Big Brotherism" in transportation. I thought I'd add just a small update on the idea that "they" are coming for your motorcycle.  via Autoblog:

"When the driver exceeds the posted speed limit, he or she will receive a two beep warning. Once their speed is 5 mph over the limit, the vehicle seat vibrates as another warning. If the second warning is disregarded, ISA takes over and slows the vehicle until it's at or below the speed limit."

That system was demonstrated in the U.K. using a motorcycle.  It will take the do-gooders some time to work out the kinks and legal niceties of the technology and of course your will to resist the concept of external vehicle control must be worn down a bit more by speed cameras, black boxes in your car, hyperbole laden accident statistics, and further implanting of the idea that your individual freedom must give way to the greater good of the people (as seen by the technocrats).
A government's need to increase it's power over the populace is exceeded only by it's need for more of your money. Your motorcycle is only a small piece of the picture but it's obviously been spotted as a good early candidate for control because motorcycle riders are politically weak and seen largely in a negative light by the public and so will garner no wider support amongst voters.
You can give it a decade or so but it is coming.


rfsul said...

Hi Doug,

Haven't stopped in for a while being that the Northeast riding season is not that long, I try to stay out of doors, and far off line. I'm not trying to be big brother here... nor tell you how to run a blog, but...
I saw the link to the Motorcycle Bloggers International and was curious. I've never heard of them and was immediately psyched to check them out.
Just as an FYI, your link is bust. It's coming up with a double http.
They don't list a home.html any more either.
Just wanted you to know that "we are watching" what's going on here.
Keep the shiny parts up and "your" speed down.


Doug Klassen said...


Thanks for catching the code goof. There goes my perfect year!


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