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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

40 on 2 picture server is kaput

Well, my little 4th of July surprise was finding out second hand that the company that hosts my pictures and other website stuff apart from Blogger has lost their leased servers. I have to say that domain hosting is the flakiest business on the Internet, as puffed up and lacking in substance as a zero mile rider on his new Harley-Davidson.

So for now the blog is semi-pictureless until I get the picture hosting thing worked out properly and then re-upload all the pictures for the blog to wherever my domain hosting winds up. I hate the nuts & bolts side of the web thing. I don't know diddly about html coding, perl script, domains, DNS servers, bandwidth usage, blah, blah, blah. Like the digital fuel injection on my ST1300, I don't want to understand how it's programmed, I just want it to work reliably.

Hopefully I can land my domain someplace that isn't apparently financed by wire transfer money form a former Nigerian bank minister or profits from resurrection of the Indian Motorcycle brand. Stay tuned...

Update, 12 July: Ok, all fixed, I hope. With picture and domain hosting switched to a company that should be in business for more than a year and a customer service department that actually responds in a timely fashion we should be all set.

1 comment:

ellopez said...

i agree. all i want to do is ride and write and when technology gets in the way, well, dat just ain't rite.
keep sharing your adventures tho.

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