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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Triumph Scrambler 900

The more I see of Triumph's new Scrambler the better I like it. Other than the ill-placed front brake master cylinder and the lack of a good bash plate it seems like the Brits really did the bike right. It's not often that I stare at a picture of a bike and all sorts of riding ideas and images from the '60s pop into my head. As we all know, bikes and riding were better in the '60s even if they really were not.

I finally called the nearest Triumph dealer today to see if or when they would have a Scrambler on hand. Sadly, the answer was "April" so that was a bit of a let down. The other sad part is that the dealer told me MSRP would be $9,999 which is a good bit more than Triumph has been getting for their twin cylinder bikes. I'm not sure if the extra $ is a reflection of the currently weak monetary exchange rates or Triumph (or the dealer) have realized they have a winner on their hands and intend to charge all that the traffic will bear. I could have gotten wound up enough about the Scrambler to think about parting with $8k or so but $10k starts to get a bit much for a low performance vertical twin no matter how cool the packaging may be. Come April I'll take a closer peek though or maybe wander over L.A. way for the Cycle World Show in December. [April '06 update: the official price on the 900 is $7999 ]


burn said...

the price quoted is 2000 dollars overcost.check out www.triumph.co.uk/usa/2538.aspx

red said...

I've been drooling over the Scrambler since I first saw it. I'm ressurecting a 71 CL450 with the original high pipes.

The price tag is steep on the Triumph but man, it's the best looking bike out there!

Pemby said...

I ordered one! I have an Aprilia Falco SL1000 but the looks of this Triumph was too much. I took one out fot a test drive in Chester, UK. It was fun, easy to ride and a little too smooth. I look forward to riding around the British coutryside but I'm glad to keep my Falco for those "red msit" moments.

spyrral said...

The current price on the Triumph US website is $7999. Do you know something we don't?

Doug Klassen said...

Ah, I have to say that I envy the guys that have been able to snatch up one of the new Scramblers. Seems that everyone who has one feels like they bought a lot of fun and a great, all around bike.

As for the price, the local dealer originally quoted me me the $9k price well before the officially announced $7999 price. Same dealer that wants full list for all bikes plus a $200 "doc fee." At $7999 suddenly the bike seemes much more attainable as a second bike. I remain hopefully. :-)


Pemby said...

I picked it up 21 April, a blue one with single set, sump guard, headlamp grill and number boards. Having covered 240 miles, I feel I'm going to have a very nice time with this bike. It needs some "open" pipes though. Looking at the UK price, it lists at £5699 although the UK press (Bike magazine?) was talking of £9000 pre launch! I think it was a scam to make us feel happy with the "real" price. It worked on me!

Russ W said...

Ever since seeing the modern Triumph classic model bikes a few years back, I knew one day I would have to get one. All it took was the Scrambler to come out and that day was suddenly upon me. This bike is pure romance whether you are riding it anywhere you happen to wander, or just plain gawking at it in the garage. This is one fun motorcycle those Brits have come up with - it's hard to keep from laughing out loud while riding it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug;
I bought a new '06 Red Scrambler off Ebay, from New York, and it arrived a bit over a week ago. It has the 'Steve McQueen' kit (single seat w/luggage rack, headlight grille, braced handlebar, tachometer, off-road pipes, skid plate & black mirrors). I've added the engine protection bars, electrical socket and tank bag (1st 2 not installed yet). I've put just short of 600 miles on it so far and really enjoy it. My other bikes are a '99 R1100RT for touring and an '05 Aprilia Tuono Factory for visits to the mountains of CO, CA, NM and UT. I, like you have been riding for well over 40 years. At 10 my old man was putting me on an old Triumph single for the kids race after the Saturday night dirt track events. Bought my first Triumph at 16, an old beater 500. Been riding steady ever since. I too live in Arizona (way east Mesa) and ride year-round. Cheers, Frank

Anonymous said...

I was a Honda fan for years until I purchaced a 95 T-Bird. I've had 3 Triumphs since. I picked up a Caspian Blue Scrambler 4 Months ago. Many of the comments on it's lack of power were a concern until I rode it, bike has plenty of getty up for me. The design and handleing are the most impressive of any bike I have owned, of corse, the looks will start up a conversation anywhere you stop.

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