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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On the Fence

"How well I have learned that there is no fence to sit on between heaven and hell. There is a deep, wide gulf, a chasm, and in that chasm is no place for any man." - Johnny Cash

As Johnny wrote about life, so it is when we must decide on a new bike or at least it seems that way. Sometimes moto-lust is focused and utterly obsessed with just one bike. One machine works it's magic from a magazine picture or by the glint of a showroom spotlight and you mind, your heart, your gut, all say "That's the one!" If it's a Harley most likely it was some other important part of you though. Regardless, you know what you want. No logic, no debates. I've had that happen in the past but not often. The 1974 BMW R90S did it to me way back when. Not so easy for me this time.

I started out with two machines in mind and being a person always willing to explore the possibilities have worked myself into a muddle or minor bit of turmoil. In truth, there's not much in life that I'm real passionate about except motorcycles. Other things such as photography, are very important to me but not a true passion. After all these years bikes and thinking about them still makes my heart beat faster. If I think about enough bikes a defibrillator or payment book from the home mortagage company should be kept handy to steady my heartbeat again.

So I'm still undecided here...teetering back and forth between passion and reason. My heart says BMW and there is almost no logic in that and about 18,900 negatives all with Washington's face on them. Might have to split the difference between passion and reason with an ST1300. $5k less than the Beemer and that's $5k of my money that could be spent on...what? Funeral insurance? Estate planning? Food?

I'm not even sure what my fascination is with the Beemer. It wasn't even on the list to start with but riding it flipped my switch. My buddy Darin went down and looked at an RT this weekend and didn't even ride it and now he wants one. BMW may have a real winner following up on the heels of the R1200GS.

Just to cloud the mind further I found out that the guy who bought my '01 Kawasaki Concours wants to sell it. He's only put 800 miles on the bike since he bought it from me which means it has a total of 6300 miles on it. It's got a few scratches on one side from when he dropped it but other than that it's still the same bike I sold him 3 years ago, still has the extra pieces I added to make it suit me. $4100 and it's mine. Is the Beemer $14,800 better than the trusty Concours? It's newer and sexier, and handles better, that's for sure.

Got a note from the Honda dealer today too. ST1300 (non-ABS) out the door for $13,800. $5k less than the Beemer but without as nice a fairing and the saddlebags are a bit smaller. I seem to be drawn to comfort issues. The old Concours does have a surprisingly nice seat and it is already broken in to my butt shape plus the saddlebags are roomy if unaerodynamic.

Thank you to those of you who have commented or written thus far, even Jeff who was no help at all with visions of rest homes and "if only I bought the red bike" memories.

This is gonna be a tough call.


bryan said...

Tough stuff, tough decisions. You of all people know that whenever you are passionate about something you reflect deep in your heart to guide your mind in making that ultimate decision! As for me, I go with motorcycle that you know you'll have a real good time once you are its proud owner... (Gee, I think that refers to ALL your choices) whew! tough indeed...

Gymi said...

Doug, buy the ST and with the leftover money, pick up the Concours and I'll even fix the scratches for you.

PC said...

Since your price drifted up... How about the Honda ST1300, and a Honda XR400R with a dual sport kit? Then you have to rock solid unstopable bikes that will go anywhere? (and come in right around that BMW price tag).

The XR will get you places that BMW can't go, have you explored the ghost towns around Southern AZ yet? I've been to a few my buddy on his GS can't get to.

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