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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Inside the Helmet

Back in November I blogged on the whole idea of radios, music, cell phones and other intrusions into the motorcycle riding experience.

Someone, a non-rider, asked that given that I spend a lot of hours on the bike, just what goes on inside my head "since there's nothing to do while you're riding." I pondered that for a minute and the notion that many people are not all that comfortable alone inside their own head and so must distract themselves with music, TV, drugs, whatever.

I guess my mind sorta kinda follows the pattern below. Simple stuff, none of it considered in great depth, but riding has a way of clarifying the mind and putting things into some perspective so they can be dealt with later. I shared this with some other riders and they tended to agree.

Inside the helmet, behind the glasses, inside my head, I think...

riding today is good
love this bike
great sky
riding today is good
love this bike
great view
love the sound of these pipes
oops, too fast again
no cops around??
riding today is good
love this bike
awesome road
wave at the bike going past
I should stop and rest but this is too much fun
love this bike
riding today is good

>remix, repeat infinitely<


PC said...

I sometimes burst out in song, and sing to myself. Occasionally, on long open roads with no traffic, cracking the throttle to the beat in my head, “vroom vroom” :-P Other than that, we have the same thoughts, maybe cycling women into the mix a bit more.

Dusty said...

I was interviewed after my cross-country loop, and this question and answer fits right in with your blog entry:

What revelations did you have during those long hours of thinking?

Well, I didn't turn into a communist revolutionary (I just saw the Motorcycle Diaries last night). Everyone kept saying "you have to see this, since you just did the same thing." The sense of adventure was the same, but not much else. When I was out in the middle of nowhere, I felt like I was slowing down, literally and mentally. If I was moving slow, just enjoying the road, I knew it was a good day. When I caught myself speeding along, worrying about making time, I knew it was time to stop and relax.

I thought a lot about my grandmother, who passed away last year. I'm not a religious person, but I did meditate on the meaning of life and the short window we have. The traveling takes planning, but riding the bike frees you from distractions. There's no radio, cell phone, people - there's no one but yourself. My mind wandered all over the place.

Gymi said...

I couldn't agree more. sometimes it's hard just to wipe the grin off your face.

bayou_boy504 said...

Those sound like some great thoughts. I laughed when I read the one about the cops.

badnewsjimmy said...

I would only add that the current troubles of your life my start out trying to creep there way in to your solitude. They go away before the first tank refill.

Excellant post.


ChristianBikerGal said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah, throw women in there a couple more times, and thats my same thought process haha.

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