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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bikes in the Fast Lane / motorbiker.org tech troubles

I got a note from Mike Werner over at Bikes in the Fast Lane aka Motorbiker.org. Mike runs the most consistently interesting European motorcycle news blog and it's a daily stop for me and lots of other folks. Anyway, Mike is having some tech issues right now..long story there but some anti-spam group has listed his site as a spam site (!) and his blog may or may not be accessible to you depending on who your ISP is. If you have not been able to access Mike's blog, fear not, he's still there and doing fine and working hard to resolve the issues. You might also e-mail your own ISP and complain if you've not been able to connect to motorbiker.org.


~Robert~ said...

I haven't had trouble accessing Mike's Blog, but I e-mailed Mathew Sullivan at SORBS, asking what business he has classifiing that Blog as SPAM.

Doug Klassen said...

Did the same thing myself, Robert. No doubt Mike appreciates your effort. I've found that I can get to motorbiker.org from my computer at work but not from my computer at home (Cox.net). I've written Cox asking them to fix whatever needs to be fixed to let their customers get to a legitimate news site.


PC said...

I have to remember to tell a guy at work about this!

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