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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Motorcycle Bloggers Group

Fellow Arizona desert rat and Aprilia enthusiast, Angry Bob, has gone off the deep end. Proving that he's not entirely in his right mind he and some friends have started their own blog entitled Motorcycle Bloggers Group. Their plan is to do a team blog, that is to say, each guy taking a turn with the writing so as not to burn out the way most bloggers finally do.

I tried to talk Bob out of the whole thing as blogging is a terrible burden to bear in life and when friends find out you're a blogger they never really treat you the same after that. Party invitations drop off, people won't sit next to you on the bus, women whom you once dated avert their eyes when asked if they knew you. Blogging's not an easy life, Bob, but welcome to the deep end and best of luck!

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