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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Angrybob Isn't

East of Buckeye, AZ - Angrybob ponders the meaning of life and how to get back down the hill.

Friday I had the good fun of meeting fellow blogger and Caponord owner, Angrybob, from MotorcycleBloggers.com. Bob and I have been trading messages on the subjects of Aprilia motorcycles and blogging for a while now so a chance to meet in person and get in a nice ride was great. How ever easy it seems to make friends on the 'net, there's no substitute for meeting and actually shooting the bull live and in person during the course of a ride and over lunch. I was going to do a write up about our Friday ride but since I went riding Saturday too, and again today, Bob beat me to it over at his blog. Cool. Now I can just link to his report and save some brain power. Thanks Bob!

By the way, in my effort to ride with every last Caponord owner in Arizona, Bob makes the third owner I've managed to ride with. Only two left. Yup, there's only about six of us in the whole state, maybe seven of Steve down at Renaissance Motorcycles in Tucson sold that red Capo he had on the show floor awhile back.

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