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Friday, October 01, 2004

How To Get Your Butt Kicked

I'm sitting here laughing at the sheer stupidity of some people.

I ran across this little item on line: A political t-shirt and some other crap for Democrats in favor of George Bush for President. Apparently someone thought that trading on the fiery position of Democrat Senator Zell Miller of Georgia and ripping off the Hells Angels logo was humorous.

Click here to see how to get your butt kicked without even trying.

The Hells Angels have been around a long time and have all sorts of traditions not the least of which is their internationally copyrighted "winged deaths head" logo. Agree or disagree with the life and ways of "the Red and White," you'd still best not be giving them a hard time or be disrespectful of their club colors. They take their club and their patch VERY seriously.

In my much younger years I used to come into contact with some of the Hells Angels from the San Diego area and was always treated decently because I treated them with respect. Respecting them is an action that is not easy to define but they can tell when you don't. How do I know they had a degree of respect for me, a skinny little 19 year old, Yamaha-riding kid working in a gas station? I'd loan them tools and always got them back. In the years that I worked in the station, I never once was given a hard time except about the "%^#$ Jap bike" I rode. Mind you, these days when the annual Hells Angels Florence Prison Run happens about 30 miles from where I live, I wouldn't show up on my Kawasaki. No point in pushing my luck after all these years.

I can only conjecture what would happen if the Hells Angels saw a person on the street wearing one of these cheesy t-shirt knock-offs of their colors: There would be no discussion of copyright law, the right to parody or free speech. If you only wound up stripped naked in public you could count yourself lucky.

1 comment:

NOPCKL said...

Wow. The absolute incompetency of the human race boggles the mind. Excellent post.

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