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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Another Brush With Fame

The last time my presence was felt in Cycle World Magazine was 1970. I'd gotten just a tad out of shape on my Bultaco Sherpa during a motocross, a photographer captured the moment for posterity or infamy, and the photo turned up in CW's last page "Slipstream" humor page. Not the sort of recognition a rider necessarily is after but given that most of us are doomed to obscurity I was glad for my 15 seconds (not minutes) of fame.

So 34 years on once again I've appeared in the pages of Cycle World, this time in the December 2004 issue, and this time not a photo, just an e-mail in the letters to the editor column. Hey, I'm no more famous now than I was in 1970 so I'll take whatever fame and adulation having my name in the magazine brings me. You may kiss my ring next time you see me.

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