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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Girlie Men

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger caused a small political ruckus a few weeks ago when he intimated that certain members of the California legislature "girlie men." Predictably, some politically correct people whined and were offended. I thought the comment was hysterically funny and wish more politicians would have the cajones to speak their mind instead of wilting before media and special interest group hypersensitivities.

Never the less, this blog isn't about politics, it's about motorcycles so speaking of girlie men, what is it with guys letting their girlfriend or wife tell them "the bike must go" or "it's that bike or me" or worse yet "getting married, fiancé says bike must go"? I've actually seen those ads in Cycle Trader over the years.

Here's a recent example I found while browsing bike ads: "SUZUKI..." "orig owner, 650 miles" ... "purchased 11/03, wife says must sell now." Excuse me? "Wife says must..."? I'm sorry but that's pathetic. It's best that the motorcycle be sold, that it go to a new owner who will ride it more than 650 miles in a year. Perhaps later it can be replaced by a lawnmower or new pastel bedroom furniture, things more fitting the seller's station in life. Sir, you got married, not gelded!

I'm divorced and it seems unlikely that I'll risk a trip to the alter again but if it were to come to that, should I happen by some miracle to find on my doorstep a wealthy supermodel who likes chubby middle-aged bald guys with no money, she'll only have a chance with me if she loves motorcycles. If she actually rides her own motorcycle I'll be a goner for sure. I don't care though how supermodel-rich-hot-crazy about me she happens to be, if she utters those terrible words "the bike or me" it's adios, Ms. Supermodel. [I know what you're thinking. Hey, it could happen! I'm not totally devoid of charm. Mostly.]

I understand there are reasons for selling bikes, I've sold most of the 30+ bikes I've owned for one reason or another but NEVER because someone told me I had to "or else." I did sell my nearly new '86 Harley in '87 because my son was born and I decided I needed the dough. Life happens. It's also a fact that when Dave was about two months old I took him to the bike shop, sat him on a new Harley, and told him for the first of many times that he owed me a new bike. Dave, if you're reading this, I'd prefer a Ducati now, not a Harley. A red ST4 with the matching bags would be nice but the Super Sport 800 will do fine.

Really gentlemen, if it comes down to a woman telling you that you must choose between her and the bike then she's not the woman for you. No one should ask another person to give up their mechanical passion for mere physical passion. And in that same vein, let me go on record here as saying that any guy that can't deal with his wife or girlfriend owning and riding her own bike has only one more nut than the guy selling his bike because his wife told him to.

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