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Monday, September 06, 2004

Doing What Most Of Us Would Like To Do

Dusty Davis heads out for a month to see America on his Yamaha FJ1300. How many of us dream of doing something like this? How many actually work up the gumption to do it? I hope Dusty finds some 'net accesss along the way and can keep up his blog while he's gone. The on-the-road type entries always seem more real than the ones built on recollection. By the way, there's a great link on Dusty's page to the story of a guys 11,500 mile trip on a moped back in the late '70s. Great stuff.

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Chris said...

That does sound like a great ride. I met a fellow last week, about 30 miles from home while out on a day trip, who was just returning from four months of riding his '95 GS out west.
I managed a couple of weeks last summer to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota before beelining back to Virginia.
Ride safe!

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