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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

But Can You Take Her Home to Meet Mom?

Aprilia Falco. She's Italian and very hot. We met for the first time Sunday, spent a couple of hours together and I brought her home tonight. Mid-life crisis on my part, I guess. There was no way to sneak so much Euro flash into the neighborhood quietly. What will my conservative neighbors think? Aprilia would be better off with a younger man but seems to respond to my rusty advances so what the heck. I figure I might as well have one last fling while there's a little life left in me.

My friends, with their dowdy metal oinkers, will be shocked and think I've gone mad. They may be right but madness can be a fine form of entertainment for one used to more a more staid consort. A wise fellow (me) once said "Fast motorcycles are like fast women: fine for a weekend but would you want to live with one?" Only one way to find out!


Travis said...

Congrats Doug! The Falco is a real treat to ride and you can't beat all that v-twin torque. Must be quite an adjustment coming off of your current cruiser. Have fun with her.

Dylan said...

Hey Doug! As Travis said, congrats! She looks wonderful... Enjoy the ride, I'm sure it'll be fun!

NOPCKL said...

Very cool.

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