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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Bike Fever, Moto Lust, Whatever

Reading Dylan's blog, Johnstown Company, has gotten me thinking about Italian bikes again. I've had in mind for a while to buy some sort of sport bike or sport touring bike to go in the garage next to the 1600 Kaw. I stopped today at the nearest Ducati dealer today to swap tires and kick lies. Nice shop...a real motorcycle shop staffed by people who actually ride, not a motorcycle boutique or "cycle mall." Not many real shops left these days.

All the really nice toys were out of my price range or too impractical but they did have a used 2003 (or was it an '04?) Supersport 800 sitting there that some guy at traded in on a 749. Believe it or not, the 800 has only 87 miles on it. Apparently the guy has money to burn and wanted something a little more cutting edge than the 800. A little research beforehand would have saved him a ton of money. Very tempting bike at a moderate price. Not sure if I'll take the plunge or not but if I do it's all your fault, Dylan.


Dylan said...

87 Miles? Your kidding me! From what I hear on the Ducati.ms board they're a heck of a bike... I take full responsibility for stirring up the idea! LOL...Good luck with your decision.

Doug Klassen said...


As long as you're taking responsibility for stirring up trouble can I get you to help with monthly payments??


Chris said...

Two words: Wee Strom (that is, the V-Strom 650). of course, i'm biased. but i rode a multistrada about 700 km in italy and switzerland this summer (two days) and i longed for the strom the entire time.

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