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Monday, July 12, 2004

Wonderful world of color

Back east "the big red barn" is supposed to be a traditional thing. Out here in the wild west folks seem to have a thing for painting buildings in all sorts of bright colors and strange ways. Two excellent examples are nearby.

Over in Coolidge is this long closed but recently repainted department store. I have to wonder what the motivation was for the paint scheme. I know the building has been for sale at various times so perhaps this was a way to draw attention to it in a town that is otherwise pretty weather worn.

Wandering about in Casa Grande, about 20 miles from Coolidge, I came across a freshly painted industrial building in the heart of the town. "Came across" is sort of an understatement as there was no missing it, even for someone like me who is colorblind. It's way bigger than it looks in the picture, probably 7,000 sq ft or so.

Maybe someone is planning on opening an all Christmas store in central Arizona? Perhaps green and red paint was on sale? Whatever the reason, you sure can see the place.

Back to Coolidge for mintue. The town is frayed and decaying in a lot of ways but it is coming back. There's a big Walmart there and on the edge of town a big residential development is under construction. It seems that the Phoenix metro area is now leap frogging the Indian reservations and landing in Coolige, Casa Grande, and Maricopa, all formerly sleepy little farm towns. Progress is normally good and the new home developments will rescue some local economies but it will be sad to see the little towns homoginized and reduced to bedroom communities for the Phoenix area. I'd better take lots of pictures of old buildings while I can.

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Anonymous said...

yes take lots of pictures because just in the last five years .things there has changed so much .my sister in law lives there and i visted when i can ,most of the time in winter.i live in ok. ,just wishing i was there now. cool in okla

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