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Friday, June 25, 2004

Surveying the scene

There are other blogs out there and good ones too. For whatever reason motorcycle blogs are not out there in the numbers one finds for more mundane subjects like guns, sex, or politics. I've found a few more bike blogs courtesy of Travis over at Motorcycle Blog who seems to have hit upon the most straightforward name for his blog. The list of blogs is fairly short but the range of substance is good and representative of a little of the diversity of motorcycling. Oh wait, I hate that word these days, someone remind me never to use it again.

Dale Borgeson's Motorcycle Touring for Beginners looks excellent. Dale is a long time rider and a little set in his ways with a vaguely grouchy style. Just my kinda guy.

Bikes in the Fastlane is sort of a half blog / half news site based in Europe and provides a nice little insight on things over there. There's little doubt that while the Euro guys enjoy some fantastic roads, a great selection of bikes, and variety of cultures to explore (see, I didn't use "diversity"), they do suffer under much more onerous restrictions of riding and licensing than we Americans do.

It sort of raises the question "Is the autobahn and being able to legally ride 150mph (when traffic permits) worth the tiered licensing system, safety inspections, and all their expense? To me, the answer is "no." We can ride that fast or faster over here, especially in the Wild West with our wide open roads, we just have to try hard not to get caught. In exchange for this slight inconvenience we are can ride what we want whenever we think we're ready for it and no government clerk can tell us we're not ready to move up from a 125cc machine to a 1000cc machine. The less government is involved in motorcycling, the better.

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