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Friday, June 25, 2004

Looking around. Getting started

There's not a great many motorcycle blogs out there for some reason so I decided to offer up my own and see what happens. If nothing else it will give me a place to vent about things in the motorcycle world that bother me or to give my incredibly valuable opinion on new bikes, old bikes, biker TV shows and whatnot.

My opinions are my own, I don't work for any motorcycle companies or related companies (although I did thirty years ago) and I don't own a motorcycle related business. I do work as a test engineer for an auto company so I know a thing or two about vehicles in general but my opinions about things motorcycle are founded in 38 years of riding and owning about one bike for every year I've ridden. Yeah, I love bikes, I love them a lot, and as I told my bride to be years before she became my ex-wife: I spend too much money on motorcycles, always have, always will." I was and am true to my word.

Don't bother to send me hate mail if I offend you, I'll just delete it. If you want to offer up a contrary opinion of your own that's fine. I'm not given to the use of profanity except on the occasion of flat tires or hitting my thumb with a hammer so please keep your comments appropriate.

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