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Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Photos From the GoAZ Motorcycles Vintage Bike Show

A few more from the GoAZ vintage event I wrote about in the last entry.  As always, click for the larger view:

1970 Ducati 450 Scrambler.  Color shot converted to black and white.

A new construction: 2013 Pemberton 3-wheeler powered by a Moto Guzzi engine

1968 Sachs.  Sachs later became DKW.  The leading link front suspension was great for open, rough
terrain like desert racing in the southwest.  The transmission, on the other hand, made a fine door stop.
A friend bought one in 1971 to race and DNF'd every race he entered that year.

A closer look at the leading link or "Earl's forks" front suspension.

Also on the Sachs, Magura levers used to be the hot ticket, made of mailable aluminum in an age
where levers tended to be either heavy steel or brittle aluminum.  Magura's were expensive but would
bend instead of break and if you were manly enough you could bend them back and be on your way.
Anyone remember what those black rubber grips were nicknamed back in the day?

Norton Dominator in cafe trim with a few modern updates.  Cafe racers seem to be coming on strong
and replacing bobbers as the fashion bike of the moment.  I'll take either genre over the ridiculous
billet barge chopper craze of five or ten years ago.

1969 Triumph Daytona cafe racer. I showed you this one in B&W the last blog entry.  Here's the original color version.

1970 Kaw 500 street tracker in a for real Champion flat track frame meant for a Yamaha 250. 
If super moto bikes are quarter horses, this thing would be a velociraptor.

The whole set of photos from the event are on Flickr here.  Enjoy.


Trobairitz said...

Very nice. I like the Ducati in B&W. Why is it older bikes look so good in B&W. Leads authenticity to the age I guess.

Thanks again for sharing.

Lucky said...

Gorgeous photos! I've got a serious crush on the Norton and the Kawasaki now...

mq01 said...

i love that norton... great pics doug, as usual!

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