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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CrashLight For Your Smart Phone

Back in January of 2012 I blogged about a crash notification app called CRADAR.   Short and sweet:  If you crash your bike, CRADAR sends a text message and your GPS coordinates to someone you pre-select.   Now, the Toronto, Canada based motorcycle news and social site EatSleepRide has, with some expert scientific help, put together an improved crash reporting app called CrashLight.  CrashLight has the very significant advantage of texting up to three people and will do it in any country where your phone can access the local SMS service.

I don't too often do plugs for products (no one ever offers me anything that cool) but these days leveraging the power of the now ubiquitous smart phone to keep us a little safer when we ride is too important to not mention here.  CrashLight isn't a standalone app but is contained within EasSleepRide mobile app for their site.  Right now it's available on for iPhones and iPads and is an in-app purchase of $7.95. 

From the EatSleepRide press facts sheet:

"EatSleepRIDE Mobile is the only smartphone-based technology to offer CRASHLIGHT®, an advanced in-app purchase that automatically detects a motorcycle accident and sends alerts for help (including the rider’s geo-location) via phone, text message and voicemail.

EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles® App can be described as On-Star for motorcycle riders. CrashLight® will automatically detect a motorcycle accident and notify selected contacts of the rider’s exact geo-location. The rider has complete control of their safety team in case they go down while riding alone.

EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App is specifically designed for motorcycle riders. You get motorcycle crash detection, and the ability to search motorcycle roads nearby and find new riders in your area – all in one app!

EatSleepRIDE is about making motorcycling safer, more accessible and way more fun for new and experienced riders. Its mission is to get more people riding more motorcycles more often by providing the tools to help them ride safely and share their experiences."

EatSleepRide is doing a contest right now and they are giving away a free download of the app to people who share/tweet a link to their site. If you're a Twitter user you can    or if you're a blogger you post a link on your blog telling your readers to do the same.  Me?  I use an Android phone so there's no freebie in this for me but I think this kind of stuff is important.  And since I can't try CrashLight myself I can't comment on it's functionality but I can recommend that you give it a look.


Trobairitz said...

So what if your bike just takes a nap in a parking lot. Would it think it was a crash or no because your cell phone may still be upright if you hop off the bike?

I am curious as to how it works.

I like the concept though. That extra bit of insurance of help if needed is always a good thing.

Doug Klassen said...

There is some info on the site and a video or two on YouTube that indicates the system is using a an algorithm that looks at a few parameters from the phone to decide if a crash has taken p[ace or not. I know that's how the airbag equipped racing suit that the MotoGP guys wear works. Certain In any case, if there were an inadvertent alarm you have I think 3 minutes to cancel it. With CRADAR that time limit is configurable, don't know about CrashLight.

The City Mouse in the Country said...

I've installed that Cradar app thanks to your site some time ago. It's a great idea.

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