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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

He Didn't Need 100 HP

Your riding jacket will never be this chic.
 Robert E. Fulton set out in 1932 to ride and film and study the world.  In his epic journey he circumnavigated the globe on his Douglas motorcycle while documenting his journey with 40,000 feet of film. He didn't need 100 HP, a day-glow riding suit, a SPOT GPS tracker, or a government approved crash helmet. 

More about Mr. Fulton here and here.

Of course I like to think that much of Mr. Fulton's success could be attributed to the Douglas motorcycle he rode.  Douglas stuff just keeps going and going, sometimes beyond all reason, much like this blog which has now been officially going for nine years.   My thoughts on keeping the blog alive, sometimes on life support, for nine years are nicely summed up by Snoopy:


Canajun said...

Love the cartoon!

Unknown said...


Well, I guess it's time to wake you up NOW !

Riding the Wet Coast

Dan Diego said...

This book prolly was the main impetus for my dual sport riding Jones.

I was a street bike and quad rider who enjoyed adventure reading. Along with other pioneers of the sport, RF's tales of adventure did it for me and I was hooked!

Nice post.

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