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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before The Storm

I couldn't stand not riding, the heat and life events have conspired to keep me off of the bike for nearly two months now.  So despite the fact that the thermometer said it was 110° outside I figured "How bad could it be?  It's almost sunset, it will cool off to 108° soon."

I grabbed my camera, put on my boots, helmet, and gloves and hit the road.  It didn't seem all that hot, you do get used to the heat to some small amount if you live here in Arizona.  And after 5 minutes or so I remembered why I don't ride when it's well past 100° outside.  I settled for a quick turn down a graded dirt road to look for a place to take a sunset shot of the Nomad 1600 without an excess of civilization clutter in the background.  That's getting more difficult to do around here despite the wide open spaces. 

I stopped, grabbed the camera, and set about making a few pictures of the bike with the sunset as the background.  Caught up in my creative efforts I didn't notice the dust storm moving in behind me.   If you watch the national news you know we can get some serious dust storms here in central Arizona, dust storms as bad as anywhere in the world so they say, and I've been caught in one before while in the car.  It's like driving in a heavy, reddish-yellow fog, only the lane divider line visible next to you.  Smart people stop and pull over.  I'd hate to have to do that on a bike, even breathing would be risky.

When I realized I was about to get caught in a real mess I grabbed my gear and didn't even take time to buckle my helmet or put my gloves on.  A mad dash home got me there before I was totally dusted, a light coating of Arizona desert tan was all the bike and I got.


D. Brent Miller said...

YIKES! I've been paying attention to those dust storms because my mom lives just north of you. Glad you made it home safely. That has to be scarier than riding in a thunderstorm. --Brent

Geoff James said...

Wow, wow and more wow Doug! That photo is international advertising standard - just magnificent.

After having a photo of mine recently "borrowed" and appearing in a commercial magazine, it wouldn't be at all surprising if you find your fabulous photo appearing without permission on the Web or a mag!

Unknown said...


it IS a stunning photo. Our temperatures have moderated and it feels so good to be a bit on the chilly side in the mornings. Perhaps you should move up here

Riding the Wet Coast

mq01 said...


Doug Klassen said...

Glad you like photo, gang. I really wasn't sure if I liked it or not, I guess I'll go with your opinions!

Gary, getting a photo pinched by a commercial operation is really maddening. Unless one has deep pockets for a lawyer there's not much to be done, as you probably know. I had a small, retail commercial website in the UK snagging complete blog entries from here and reposting them. I objected strenuously and they took them down.

Sadly, getting content stolen seems to be getting more and more common. I don't mind if non-commercial sites or blogs use my stuff as long as they give attribution or a link back, but I hate to seem someone trying to profit from my work that has profited me zero dollars so far.

mq01 said...

how did you find that website grabbing your content doug? are you tracking by geographic? ip? im just curious, im seeing some strange high numbers on my analytics... feeds from websites that show no current activity? weird...

Doug Klassen said...

MQ, I've used Statcounter for my hit counter for a long time. They give a good bit more information on who's linked to the blog than Google Analytics does. As I recall I saw the place linked to other pages on my blog because they had literally copied whole blog entries including embedded links.

I've noticed lately links from web sites that seem to have no activity and no relation to motorcycles. When I go to their page it doesn't even show links to my site. I assume it's some sort of link farm scam but I have not pinned it down yet.

mq01 said...

ok hmmm... great info, thanks doug. hey have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

2 words:

digital watermark


Lucky said...

Doug - Excellent picture! Kawi should be paying you for making the Nomad look so damn good.

Glad you made it home before the dust took over. With all the rain we've gotten up here this spring/summer, I can't imagine what a dust storm would even look like! Maybe a mud storm?


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