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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seven Years? How Did That Happen?

2004. I miss that bike.
Today marks the 7th anniversary of Forty Years On Two Wheels.  Gadzooks, where did seven years go??   Seven years ago I was young, skinny, single, had a full head of curly hair, and rode like the wind on exotic motorcycles.  Really.  Would I make all that up?  Okay, some of it is made up.

Rather than expound anew on life and motorcycles (same thing to me) for this anniversary entry, I thought I'd spend some time perusing my blog entries from the dim and distant past and refer you to some of my personal favorites.

I've hit the "Publish Post" button a bit over 300 times now and probably another 900 times after I noticed a typo and went back to fix it.  In reviewing my past ramblings I found myself drawn to the earliest ones, possibly because it's been long enough since I wrote them that I've forgotten what I wrote.

Here are some favorites of mine that I enjoyed writing and later reading (there's ego for you):

Rumbling Road   (of young love and Mexican food in 2006)

"Someday" Might Slip By
  (no time to lose)

Mr. Cheap Tour
  (the joys of learning to tour on a motorcycle)

Once A Rider
(remembering my dear old dad)

The Best Days Are Free
(a long ago ride on my first bike)

I Knew A Guy (yes, I ride a murdersickle)

Love Child
(still seems plausible)

Ein Kliene Nachtmusik
(and evening ride on a Rickman Matisse)

A Mouse In The Corner
  (Cycle Magazine & Friends)

The Back of the Shop
  (when motorcycle shops were real)

Inside the Helmet
  (no, it's not a vacuum)

Grim Fairy Tales
  (advice on buying a used bike)

There were other entries of which I am still fond, and even a little emotional about on a level that I can't really explain, but I'll let the curious seek those out. For those of you reading regularly or just occasionally or maybe for the first time, I thank you for your kind attention, comments, and fortitude. I do appreciate them.
I seem to have put on a few lbs and ride slower now,
but otherwise I'm as charming and lovable as ever.


Anonymous said...

7 years of 40 years on 2 wheels = 47 years on 2 wheels


Gymi said...

Hey Doug,

Even after seven years, I still enjoy your humor and pictures. Your doing something right. Here's to another seven.

D. Brent Miller said...

Congratulations, Doug. forty Years o Two Wheels has been a mighty fine read, and I'm looking forward to more.

Geoff James said...

Congratulations Doug! Yours was the first bike blog I'd ever seen which encouraged me to have a try. I hope I'll measure up some day. Sincere thanks....


Roger said...

I am glad it is a wet day toda inNZ, will give me a chance to read some of those blogs. Kep it up.

Gary France said...

I am not sure, but I think one of the first posts I read on your blog was called “The End”. It was about you stopping writing on your blog, but I was glad that you changed your mind and kept writing. Here’s to the next 7 years. Yours is a very enjoyable blog to read, so keep up the good work!

bikerted said...

Another three years and you will have to rename the blog Doug! Keep up the good work. Please.

Canajun said...

It does fly by, doesn't it?

Unknown said...


I don't know how it happens but . . . time sneaks up on you. As you say, just a few years ago we were skinny and handsome.

keep up the good work

Riding the Wet Coast

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Gary, Yes, I was going to quit blogging at the end of 2009, which was a bad year for me and I was burned out from from many things. But I couldn't quit, blog entries kept popping into my head and I had no place place to put them. So I shamefacedly started up again and here we are still plugging along. It does help fill up the time when the thermometer is showing 117°F outside like it is right now.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Time does sure fly, doesnt it?

Glad you are still at it.

mq01 said...

117 outside? sigh, as i look out at rain clouds i cant help but think...im jealous ;) thanks for not shutting it down doug, i always enjoy your posts!

Joe said...

A big tip of the helmet to your seven years, Doug! I was thrilled when you didn't close up shop when you'd talked about it a few years back, and continue to be glad that you stuck around!


FLHX_Dave said...

You are O.G. I consider you one of the trail blazers in this deal. Seven years...hope I make it that long. Next question; How many two wheeled ladies have you been through in that time? heh.

Glad you didn't pack it in. Here is to another seven filled with good luck. I accept your reading assignment here...looking forward to it.

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