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Monday, May 03, 2010

My Podium Finish

I was reading UK rider Gary France's blog USA Tour On A Harley-Davidson and saw that UK motorcycle insurance broker Carol Nash [company] had listed Gary on their list of Top 20 Biking Blogs.  Cool for Gary! Way to go!  He's an avid rider, does an excellent job on his blog, and as you might guess, is planning a tour of the USA on his Harley this year.   I clicked on over to the Carol Nash site to see who else was on the list, frankly expecting that it would be UK-centric given the nature of CN's business, but thinking I might find new and interesting blogs just as I not long ago discovered Gary's blog.

To my surprise, there in the No. 3 spot behind Jesper Bram's Helmet Hair blog and Mike Werner's Bikes In The Fast Lane, was Forty Years On Two Wheels.  Excellent company for a humble blogger to keep!

In motorcycle racing everyone hopes for first place, but missing the top spot can be partially assuaged by finishing in the top three and getting on the podium for the awards presentation.  In this case I didn't even know I was in the race so a third is pretty darned cool.  Thank you folks at Carol Nash, for your recognition and kind words.  If my twelve regular readers wish to see the other blogs on the list here's the link.


D. Brent Miller said...

Well now, Doug, don't go getting a big head. Carol Nash did say the list was in no particular order. That being the case, you might be 20th on the list, but appearing in the 3rd slot. ;-)

Drifter said...

Congratulations Doug! And thanks for the list :). And I was thinking I will work late tonight (sigh!).

Never Too Busy said...

Congrats! I'll definitely check out that list.

Doug Klassen said...

Sorry, Brent, but I'm calling it third. When you only have twelve regular readers you grab onto all the glory you can. ;-)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Cool for all of you!

Nigel Cox said...

Good to have you back Doug - clearly your fame precedes you!

Cheers from the UK.

Nigel Cox (nippy_nidge)

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