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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Just Reward

You might recall that a month or so back your's truly was the winner of the prestigious MotoHistory.com quiz number 77.  The redoubtable Ed Youngblood, moto history grand vizier, rider of fine motorcycles, past President of the AMA, and all around bon vivant, sent me my official MotoHistory Know-It-All Certificate not long ago and I knew you'd all want to see it.

The certificate is an impressive piece of documentation, calligraphy, and old world craftsmanship.  Hand lettered on velum by non-union Druid monks working by the flickering light of an old Triumph headlamp, the certificate positively exudes wisdom, insight, and more wisdom.  Very much like a page from a BMW shop manual, really.

Naturally, I've had the esteemed certificate suitably framed in an ornate frame made of American black walnut wood inlaid with goncalo alves wood shaped in a 420 chain pattern, and the wider surface tastefully gilded in gold leaf and burnished with burnishing cloth made of English waxed cotton.

The newly mounted and framed masterpiece was placed on display in the main gallery of the sumptuous 40on2 manor.  Below, a photo of the household staff hanging the certificate:

As word spread around the neighborhood, well wishers came to greet me and view the certificate for themselves.  Some said it was akin to viewing the "Mona Lisa" in person or witnessing a page turning of the Book of Kells or getting Willy G. Davidson's autograph.

It was a nice gesture by friends and family and brightened the day of this old rider who labors away at the computer day and night to bring stories and pictures to a motorcycle world hungry for something more than another article on how to change a tire or fit a helmet properly.

Thanks, Ed!


D. Brent Miller said...

LOL! You are too much. That is so funny, Doug.


Gymi said...

You have me holdin' my sides again Doug. Your killing me.

FLHX_Dave said...

This is Classic 40on2. Congrats!....man, you have quite the following! I wouldn't know what to do with all those admirers...lol

Thanks again for the wit.

Nigel Cox Tickhill UK said...

So you ARE the special one - I just knew it all along!

Cheers Doug!


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