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Friday, January 01, 2010

The End

I believe I have gone about as far as I can go with Forty Years On Two Wheels. I'm riding less for a variety of reasons and that means there is less going on that inspires me to write about motorcycles on a regular basis. Riding more seems to not be working out. I've also actually been riding motorcycles for about 44 years now and I think it's too late to rename the blog.

By training and temperament if not by college degree I was an Engineering Specialist in the later part of my working life and that impacts a great deal of how I approach things in my private life. I like a project to wrap up neatly and come to a clearly defined end. That being the case I don't want this blog to become one of those motorcycle "zombie blogs" that just hangs out there in the Internet, the last post made about an upcoming ride that was six months or a year ago.

I'm going to leave 40on2 up though, because just deleting it would now be like cutting off a part me. One of the nice things about a blog is that the effort put into it carries on much longer than any almost post on a motorcycle forum. Anyone that has kept a blog up for any length of time knows that it represents countless hours of work. I marvel at those bloggers who can crank out post after post, some almost daily.

There's lots of stuff I've written here over the last 5 1/2 years of which I am reasonably proud and some of it still gets commented on well after it was first posted. The entry about my dad is probably the best one I did and I heard from an English teacher that he uses it in his class as an excellent example of narrative writing. The "As The Wheels Turn" picture comic strip series of entries were the most fun to do. Taking and deciding on what pictures to use with the regular blog posts was probably the most interesting part of keep up 40on2.

Because of the blog I have met or corresponded with some really interesting and excellent people and ultimately motorcycling is really about people at least as much as the machines. I've even turned down offers of paid advertising several times because I never wanted to feel like I had to write to something just to please someone else or didn't want the blog associated with products I wouldn't buy myself. 40on2 has succeeded far beyond my initial expectations.

I never got an ad offer from Coke. No matter, I prefer root beer.

I may start a new blog about my meandering efforts at photography or about my new dog, "Grommet." Both of my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgis left us in 2009 and Grommet is their new replacement. A wise fellow once said "A new dog can never take the place of an old dog but in time will make a place for itself." Maybe a new blog will make a place for itself in my on again, off again creativity. Writing about something other than motorcycles might be good mental exercise. Or maybe I'll spend even more time reading other motorcycle blogs and leaving wise and pithy comments based on my vast experience.

So thank you, regular readers, for your kind attention and comments. Ride safe. You can be sure I'll still be riding motorcycles myself. My goal is 50 years on two wheels and that project isn't finished yet.

- Doug

1913 Indian Board Track Racer


Jac Brown said...


You will be missed. You have a real talent with words and also with pictures. I think you would be surprised by how many readers you have. I have made it a point to spread the word.

Still, I understand the desire to make meaningful posts and that the ideas don't always come along. I doubt that I will match your 5.5 years. Maybe, in addition to your photo blog, you should try Facebook. Its not as inane as Twitter but allows a writer to cover more than one topic at any level they want.

Anyway, good luck with the photo blog and with figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. Stay in touch.

D. Brent Miller said...

Doug! What will the world do without 40on2? I understand, though. I hope you create something new. I have enjoyed reading 40on2, and would miss not having your witty style to perk up my day. Through our blogs, we have become friends, even though we have never met. That's the power of blogging and internet community.

Please let us know where you land. Maybe you'll start a Valley Restaurant Review blog--you can eat and write! Or a wine blog. You'll figure it out. I hope to meet up with you this spring.


D. Brent Miller said...

Doug, I had another idea. You could become a humorist, you know, like Mark Twain, and write a humor blog based upon current events.

Unknown said...

Thank you Doug for all you shared,,best of luck to you in all you do..see you around,,ride on..

Never Too Busy said...

So sad to see you go. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Canajun said...

Well Doug, I suppose all good things must come to an end. I have enjoyed reading your blog and especially admiring your photos - you do have a keen eye for beauty. So if I could vote/make a suggestion, a change of direction to a photo blog would certainly capture my attention.
Regardless what you decide, thanks for all the good reading and ride safe as you head for that "50 on 2"

Nigel Cox said...

Hi Doug

Just checked in to see if 2010 had reached you yet (or if you'd recovered from seeing 2009 out...), so it's with great sadness that I read we won't be receiving more snippets of biking wisdom from you in 2010.

I hope and your lady (and Grommet) enjoy yourselves into this new decade - please post telling us where we can tune into the adventures of Grommet Klassen and his family.

Nigel Cox
Tickhill, UK

FLHX_Dave said...

Hey Doug. What the hell?

I'm glad you are leaving your thoughts up. Hell...maybe you could do a once a month update or something. I used to push one out at least every other day...just can't do it anymore...not if I want to do other things...like ride maybe? I understand what you are saying here.

You're a good dude. I envy, well it's more like respect, you in ways because you have managed to accomplish many things I will never be able to...just the way it is. Truly good men are hard to find...what's even worse is many just are not seen because of their appearance or ability to excercise self control(or lack of it ;)). Thanks for being seen Doug!

I'll be checking out your new adventures. 40on2 will always be on the right side of my little hole in the blogosphere...as long as it still exists.

Hank Hall said...

As a lurker on your blog and an entrant of the ACME show for several years past, I and others have come to appreciate your excellent coverage of the Phoenix event. Thanks so much.

Good luck in your future endeavors. I've throughly enjoyed your photos and writings. I can only hope that once again someone will tap me on the shoulder while I'm standing next to my R50/2 and I'll hear a shutter fall .. and that shutter will be yours.


Timothy Frazier said...

And I just discovered you. Thanks for leaving the blog up...I don't think it'll ever be considered an "internet zombie". Your musings are well-written and engaging.

I hope to reach at least 40on2 myself one day, and to have a similar pile of motorcycling adventures and opinions at my 4fraziers site.

Unknown said...

It Seems we are both starting new chapters in our lives in 2010. I understand exactly what you mean. Good luck and thanks for much Blogging inspiration. -Crusty

Unknown said...

I've read this blog for quite a while,but never commented before. I've enjoyed it,and I thank you for doing it. Good luck in all your future activities.

Doug Price

Mr. Motorcycle said...

50 on 2 would be admirable. I hope you do continue your ventures as a blogger in some sort. Either way, this blog will be missed. I admire how long you have kept up. As time goes on, it gets harder and harder to find content worthy of posting, rather than just posting for the sake of posting something, anything.

Take car my friend. Hope to see your comments popping up here and there. BTW, if you do start another blog, be sure to let us know.

mrs rc said...

Sad to see you go, but sometimes you just move on to different things in life. Best wishes with whatever you get yourself into. I do hope that we still still see your comments as you read all of our blogs. I guess this is my blogger's way of saying "Keep in touch"!

Drifter said...

Hi Doug, I will surely miss reading your posts. You know your post about my blog I proudly show to all and sundry? I have not been able to blog for some time now and indeed have thought of stopping, but believe me its your post that still keeps the hope alive that I will be able to kick-start my blog again sometime. And yes I loved your "Dad" post :).

Doug Klassen said...

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. It's sort of like getting to hear what people say at your own funeral. Happily, I'm not dead yet nor do I have any plans to be so anytime soon.

It is an unusual thing about blogging and the Internet, you do get to feel like you've become friends with people you've never met. Brent and I have e-mailed and seem to have lived parallel lives in several respects. I've actually met Jac and worked with him in ancient times. Perhaps opportunity will allow me to meet the rest of you at some point in the future although Nigel in the UK or "Drifter" over there in India could be a challenge. At the very least I need to look up Dave over there on the coast, he's only about 130 miles from my dear ol' mum's place.

Blogging gets to be a habit, that may be one of the secrets to keeping a blog going. I still keep thinking of things I should post but of course now I've declared 40on2 over so I'm stuck.

I have created another blog already but have not clicked on the "go public button" yet. Don't know if I really want to or not or more importantly if I have anything meaningful to say. That sort of problem doesn't stop several major newspapers from publishing so it should not stop me either, I suppose.

Well, if I do click the publish button on a new blog I'll post an epilogue here so you can all cruise by for a visit and tell me if I should stick to motorcycles.

In any case, my e-mail address is there in the last post. Anyone with an inclination to should feel free to keep in touch directly.

Doug K

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the past posts, enjoyed them much. I always looked forward to the next one.
Good luck w/ the future.
Doug U

Pete said...

I only have seven words. Thank You.

Surly said...

The people that we meet or the words that we read or the images we see shape us as humans. All that we take in hopefully makes us better people by those associations. I certainly feel as though I owe you something for the work you've shared with me. I've had your blog linked on mine for quite some time and I'm glad I took the time to read your posts.
Good luck with your next step.

Gymi said...

I'm going to miss this site Doug. You have kept me entertained and informed for quite a while. I hope after a while, you may reconsider and at least though up a post here and there.

Thanks for all the good reads,and good luck in all of your endeavors,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are stopping it, but happy for you. There is a time and a season for everything under the sun. You have been an inspiration, entertainment, and enlightenment to me. I am sure whatever endeavor you embark on it will be a success. Best regards.

Ride on,

Anonymous said...


Thank you for riding and writing well. You have brought many hours of joy through your abilities at both.

Mike Greenwald

Rex J. Covington said...

Thanks and good luck to you!

Lucky said...


I could offer many compliments about your writing, passion for motorcycles, talent as a photographer, sharp sense of humour, and many other things.

However, I'd rather sum it up concisely, but with the greatest sincerity:

Thank you.

Best regards,

Geoff James said...

Wonderful blog - we have a similar background (engineering and time on bikes. I was inspired to start a similar blog from when I first got involved aged 5 right through to now at 62.

If you're interested, my blog is at: http://geoffjames.blogspot.com, latest post first.

with every good wish for the future,

Geoff James

New Zealand

mq01 said...

i still continue to look back over your work, your thoughts, your pictures, your passion for two wheels. and it makes me smile. yet the only words that seem worthy that come to mind, are (as lucky said), thank you Doug.

ride safe, take care, and enjoy!

Doug Klassen said...

Thank you, MQ. I've always appreciated your comments. In my mind I imagine 40on2 to staying here year after year like The Great Stone Face of blogging. Riders will sometimes stop for a look and move on. Centuries from now when people are searching the ancient web servers of 'net they will come across 40on2 to and wonder aloud "What sort of people made this? Was it for worship? Human sacrifice? Or merely primitive game?"

Alan LaRue said...

I just found your blog today, a couple of months after you discontinued it. Thanks for leaving it up! I plan to return and peruse it.


Webster World said...

Doug I do not have a Blog but I am here a lot. I too look forward to 50 years, 45 years this spring. Your Blog has been interesting but do keep in touch.

Unknown said...

Totally brillent blog you got will be following you, magic pictures as well.


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