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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Brother Or Just Big Money?

So you think the Tennessee police are being hard on the folks running up and down Deal's Gap? Maybe they are, but take some time to read around the website theNewspaper.com "A journal of the politics of driving" and see what state and local governments in the US, Canada, and other nations are doing to their citizens in the name of "safety."

As nearly as I can tell from reading about the seizure without trial of vehicles merely because they are likely to be used in "street racing" (Canada) to the State of Virginia hammering drivers with outrageous fines to the those wacky Aussies vandalizing speed cameras, it's clear that traffic safety means big money to governments looking for ever new and ingenious ways to tax drivers off the road and into public transportation or maybe just bankruptcy.

Here's one to brighten your day if you live around Pennsylvania. "Pennsylvania to Impose $25 Tax on Driving Across State" Take a read and see if your blood pressure doesn't go up a bit. Hard to believe but it would seem the politicians we elect may not have our best interests at heart. Big Brother isn't just watching you, he's planning on stealing your paycheck. What is worse is that they are proud of it. If I were not already so cynical about government, I'd be shocked.

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Joe said...

Its not like we already don't pay enough in taxes (property, sales, income) to keep those in government happy. Not enough of us vote and really pay attention, so we basically get what we deserve. This is a shame.
I linked to your links with a hat tip and commentary on my own blog.

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