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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Burning: Moto-lust and Otherwise

Aprilia Futura RST 1000. Moto-lust, oh yes

BMW R 1200 ST. German techno cool

This is the longest I've gone without making a post since I started 40on2 last summer. There are reasons for that or maybe excuses but mostly I'm just really feeling the effects of the long Arizona summer. My work keeps me outside a lot in the summer and we've had more 110+ degree days this year than in a very long time. I'm feeling the heat down to my bones the way winter cold chills you northerners to the bone after about three months.

I've not been out on the Aprilia much in the last two months, once to the dealer to get it's 10k service and once just because I HAD to get out before I went bug-eyed from not riding. It was a chilly 105 degrees just before sunset so I decided that was as good a time as any.

Since the 10k service the bike has been running superbly with the low speed, off throttle response very crisp and clean finally. The dealer set the O2 a little higher than zero this time and installed the latest ECU mapping for the Capo and it pulls cleanly to redline in every gear. Read what you will into that.

Despite the heat and non-riding I'm getting semi-serious about buying a second bike. Saturday I'll be visiting a couple of dealers to see if I slip over the edge from temptation to ownership for the 39th time. Bikes under consideration are the BMW R1200ST and the Aprilia Futura.

What I should get what with my aches and pains and advancing age is a Goldwing but I'm not quite that far gone as yet. What I'm looking for is something interesting that can gobble up a lot of miles with a minimum of fuss or fatigue. The R1200ST seems like the techno hot ticket but costs about 50% more than the Futura so it may just come down to money. There are limits to finances even for famous moto-bloggers. ahem..

Common sense dictates that I should just spend $8200 and get another Kawasaki Concours but part of the mandate is that the bike be interesting. I loved my Concours, it was a very competent motorcycle that gobbled miles with a minimum of fuss but it wasn't interesting enough to make me burn with passion for another one. Burning with moto-lust seems to be one of my few pleasures these days as I burn in the sun at work.

Stay tuned.


PC said...

I was obsessed with the Aprilia Futura RST 1000 in the spring, and determined to buy one after my divorce was finalized (still have a month before court, then the judge has about a month).

But, there was no 2005 model, and I've got conflicting stories about if they will have a 2006 model. It seems the Futura may be no more?

Gymi said...

I'm going for the R1150R, for $10,200 you just can't beat it. Being a naked bike you can dress it up the way you want to, but getting a little long in the tooth myself I tried the cruiser route and found myself wanting something a tad bit more sporty. I miss the handling and power of the sportbikes I've owned in the past, but with the comfort issues I'd have to say the Beemer is the next best thing.

subcon said...

Something "interesting" that can gobble up miles without a lot off fuss... wow, that's my philosophy as well. I just purchased a 1994 K75S...being my 1st "sport" bike, its really an interesting change of pace from the Boxers that I'm used to riding. Variety is the spice of riding indeed.

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